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Jul. 24th, 2020 | 10:40 am
mood: optimisticoptimistic

Bonjour mes amis!

This is an art blog, with the occasional daily life record of Chair/Charmaine Verhagen! Art! Illustration! Comics! My main concerns!

Hello and nice to meet you!




charmainevee at gmail dot com

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Sketch Diarrhea

Nov. 29th, 2010 | 12:00 am
music: Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys ALL THE TIME

Oh, hey there!

SO, I had this idea that instead of scanning, I could take lots of little photos, with my iPhone, of my sketches and post them once in awhile. Either way, apparently I didn't set up my Instagram properly so they kinda all just piled up on me and I figured it was a good time to regurgitate it unto the internet:

& SO MUCH MORE.Collapse )

Diarrhea is a terribly unpleasant word.

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Movember 2nd

Nov. 2nd, 2010 | 10:53 pm
mood: fullfull
music: Hasil Adkins

Might be channelling some Goscinny here?

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Movember 1st

Nov. 1st, 2010 | 11:46 pm
mood: productiveproductive
music: Daft Punk

WOO! It's the first of Movember!

I am going to be drawing one facial hair related piece each day for there rest of the month, since I cannot grow facial hair myself as I am dame. I got started on this little piece a little late and still am sans scanner so its little photoshop sketch of, what I assume is, the pictorial dictionary definition of "mous·tache (m s t sh , m -st sh ). n."; Tom Selleck.

I stoked for this I love everything about facial hair.

But for the real point and/or cause; please check out your respective Movember website:

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Blogs Blogs Art(?) Blogs

Oct. 22nd, 2010 | 03:58 pm
mood: curiouscurious
music: Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys

Wow. I didn't realize how many ads there are on Livejournal. What a bunch of crud! There's even video ads that interrupt new pages loading? Shi-tea! I don't want people to come looking for my stuff, be subjected to this lame game!

Admittedly, I do like using it because some neat people still use their LJ's and I like to check into those blogs in my daily routine. Yea art! But I've noticed that people are slowly trickling off to other sites like Tumblr/Wordpress/Blogspot. I think I might make the jump (maybe cross-post to here or ??).

Basically, I want to start posting again. So where is everybody at (or where do you recommend)??

Anywho. How are you fine people? Here, to get the ball rolling with me attempting to get back in the game, have a comic a little while ago:


In some news, I've moved recently, and into a MUCH smaller apartment, so studio space is... non-existent. And therefore, scanning and art-ing is minimal. But I have managed to produce a little over the last little while, and somehow, some of it has made it online (probably because most of it is ~digital~).

The few scraps that have appeared in various places across the internet CLICK CLICK CLICKCollapse )

Well then. Once I figure out my internet plan of action, I'll post updated links here!

xx stay pretty.

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Feb. 7th, 2010 | 09:29 am
mood: restlessrestless
music: Adriano Celentano - Prisencolinensinainciusol (GW Ruff Edit)


Indeed I appear and post like a blue moon. And here I am again with what could be considered a massive sketch dump post. I haven't felt very artsy in quite awhile, but here is a collection of what assorted dribble that does happen. Which ranges from, questionable, to very questionable. Art, comics, do I even know you anymore?? I'm just so damn busy with other things, ah, c'est la vie?


Oh yea! My bike got hit (while locked up) by a FedEx truck.

RIP Royal

2008 - 2010

I cannot tell you how much I despise not having bike. No. I'm pretty fucking choked about it. It happened but a few days ago. We shall see what my next bicycle move is, but alas, I had some good memories attached to that bike :*(

Hope everyone is gold,

x o x o

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Dude: Last Night.

Nov. 16th, 2009 | 11:31 am
mood: embarrasseddang!

Haha, I tell you!!

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May. 7th, 2009 | 08:33 pm
mood: determineddetermined
music: Chad VanGaalen

Hello, hello!

Sketch dump amidst, (or at the end of, hopefully) a major, SSSSSERIOUS art block. Like the GRAND EMPEROR of Art Pain decided to come hang out with me for awhile, you can't tell that to go away!! It was a struggle.
I think that's on its way out the door, fingers-crossed, so I'm done hating everything
I touch with ink or pencil, and peeking out of my hole anxiously!

What's up? I think writing has helped me roll out, I've been actually writing comics instead of terrible confusing and vague thumbnails, and it's pretty exciting!! The wonderful Joy Ang has asked me to be apart of the first The Anthology Project!
(Shiny website!!)

LOOK FORWARD TO THAT, this is some gold from the some of the finest up-and-coming Canadian comic artists!! OOO... hahaha holy moly I need to bring my "A" material to fit in.

I am also going to finish my Popgun entry. For real. Does anyone want to wager bets as to whether or not this will indeed be true?

Time is freaking flying, so much to do!! Am I going to Europe, or am I going to Portland? OR am I going to San Diego and Chicago?? MAYBE ALL OF THE ABOVE.



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Chair VS. Technology

Apr. 18th, 2009 | 11:42 am
mood: worriedworried
music: Mix Master Mike - Bangzilla Album

I cannot get my old laptop to turn on, JESUS CHRIST (excuse me).
All of my art files are on that beast, along with Photoshop and well everything. I suppose I need to figure out some other way of hard drive transferring, huh. GRRR. Though, a friend has graciously sold me their mac laptop, indeed a newer model than my old one, so I'm thankful for that, but I do really need all my old files, ho ho! Plus I need to find my old CDs for Photoshop when I get home, this is all really rather stressful. GRRR #2.

OTHERWISE, I'm in jolly old Portland, and have been for the last while on a small vacation, staying with my boy Kelly. Monday was my birthday, good times. Driving down here was a nice idea, it's cheaper than flying and I was able to bring my bike! I haven't rode in months because of something called snow in Canada, so haha I am the fat obese kid that slows everyone down, if this town wasn't so hill-y, GEEZ.

I also joined Twitter HAHA:

Today I'm heading down to Stumptown Comics Fest!

RAD. Hopefully I can run into craqued and studiojfish, some fine comic fiends. Jeff Smith, Craig Thompson, and Farel Dalrymple are also going to be there, these are some of my major comic heroes, SICK. From what I understand it's a nicer smaller convention so hopefully I won't be so gosh darn shy and talk to some people. WHY I am intimidated by comic artists, don't ask. I don't know, haha.

I love comics.


I don't care for American Winnie The Pooh.

I LOVE Russian Vinni Puh.

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Where am I?? 2009?? WHAT?

Feb. 6th, 2009 | 12:55 pm
mood: drunkAMAZED
music: Q-Tip

Oh! Uh, hi!!

WHERE HAVE I BEEN? I don't know, around, sort of. The near demise of my laptop and scanner kind of haulted a lot of things. Though! I was in Portland for most of January visiting my Kelly and his awesome cyclist friends! The results of that:

A few sketches of friends and random cafe goers, AND A SKATEBOARD RIDING A TRACK BIKE!!!!!!

Teen Idol Travis in the weirdest stance for riding a fixie??

Hot chick based off another hot chick, Amanda!

Also drawin in Portland:

This is Sir Weenie D, the 3rd, Ph. D. He is probably my favourite bad mother in a sort of children's book I'm trying to write about my hip-hop kitties, Paws & Claws.

*I am slightly sorry if these are huge on your screen, my laptop is a huge resolution and widescreen so I don't know what's a nice size for regular screens/resolutions. Only slightly sorry.

Now for something that's been floating around I see:



Charmaine Verhagen


Introverted or extroverted?
A little of column A, a Little of column B.

What are your top 5 procrastination tools?
1. The god damned internet
2. work
3. friends
4. riding my bike/adventures
5. sleep

What gets your juices flowing?
HIP-HOP. Reading a really awesome comic book and getting RE-PUMPED about how great comics are! Having really rad adventures or amazing spur of the moment ideas from something ridiculous that comes out of my mouth. My friends and their pretty cool comics man what am I doing?

What kind of comics do you like to read?
Graphic novels or collections, I like to be able to have a story or a large section of it at hand rather than wait for damn monthlies. Anything with a good story, though first and foremost I'm often drawn towards interesting drawing styles, be it artistically/illustration-wise beautiful, or DYNAMIC FAST-PACED ACTION INTENSE YEOW. Though sometimes I have to watch that tendency because that might just be all there is to the comic, everything else bad. I'm interested in a lot of European comics stylistically, and writing-wise, dudes are on to something.

What kind of comics do you dislike?
Comic that are too ridiculous, and don't make any sense, ones that try to be so abstract they throw in 495345 little pointless details, though only if it feels they're trying too hard. Most super hero comics because I don't feel I have the time or money to go read up on the backgrounds of such series. Comics that look AMAZING but you can't tell what's going on at all, dang that is disappointing, cause I usually impulse buy these.

When were you first introduced to comics?
When I was tiny. My dad always had Asterix & Obelix, Tintin, Lucky Luke, etc. laying around since he's directly from Europe and loves them. I would look at the pictures OVER AND OVER AND OVER until I learned how to read. THEN I READ THEM OVER AND OVER AND OVER haha.

What were some of your first comics?
Asterix & Obelix, Tintin, Lucky Luke!

When did you first get "The spark"?
Probably when I was very little, reading A & O, I thought it was so amazingly drawn and such, I wanted to do the same and read 340594285 comics.

What is your favourite animated movie?
Les Triplets du Belleville, Dead Leaves, Princess Mononoke, Fantasia.

What is your favourite anime series?
FLCL, Samurai Champloo. I have sadly not seen very much anime.

What kind of comics do you make?
Mostly adventure, actiony comics, twists on fairy tales. That or journal style comics haha.

When did you first start making comics?
In preschool, I made comics about clouds. After that in elementary/junior high I think I did a lot of comics about some amazing daydream life I had haha wow! I hope those have been burned!!

What are your favorite comic artists right now (and who do you admire?)
Craig Thompson, Kazimir Stryzepek, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Windsor McKay, Tony Millionaire, Ivan Brunetti, Dash Shaw, Mawil, Jason, Chris Eliopolous, Micheal Deforge, Kaz, Gipi, I know I'm forgetting a lot!!

What are your main influences in comics?
Music, everyday-mundane people, subtleties, the weird things people say, action, hyperboles, design.

Windsor McKay, Stryzepek, Deforge, Elio, Corey Lewis, Brandon Graham, Ashley Wood, Matthieu Bessudo, Marc Boutavant, Jeff Smith, Mawil, Jim Mahfood, Sheldon Vella, Chris Ware, Jason, Herge, Uderzo, Morris.

I just finished reading Scott Pilgrim 5, eating green veggie coconut curry and rice, got a new hair cut ($70!?!?! I AM FOREVER CUTTING MY OWN HAIR FROM NOW ON), dyed it too, and drinking a Rockstar Vodka in the shower! COOL. I am going thrift shopping and to my friends play tonight. 2009 YOU WILL BE MINE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.

The new Q-Tip Album IS PRETTY AMAZING!!

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